We have seens too many brands flooded the market in the year 2011 .  Yes,  consumers are spoiled with more variety products and choices but are you awared of their origin ? Mimo, Barbie Eye, Vivian, Coco Eye, Carmier, Cute, Komi-look, Miss Eye........... bla bla bla, too many of thems ! In their website, they all claimed to be Korean or Japanese company. Wait a minute ! Are they really Korean and Japanese company ? One thing interesting, most of theirs official websites are only in Chinese and it's simplified chinese. One common thing to be noted, they like to use Japanese in their product packing. Why using Japanese? To project high quality of their lenses because Asian people especially mainland Chinese are true believer of Japan products are safer and in better quality. They also like to exaggerated BIG Diameter of their lenses to be 17, 18 or even 19mm to woo those consumers thirst for Biggest Size but in fact they are merely in 14.5, 14.8 or 15 mm .

In this industry, any insider will know that where are these companies or suppliers located. Yes, you probably guess it right, they are located in China which is well known for knock-off and inferior quality lenses being produced by unscrupulous manufacturers or suppliers. These lenses have been flooded into the market at ridiculous low price worldwidely and could poses great damages to ones eyes. These PRC companies or individuals are smart, they have anti-fake checking for you to verify the authenticity of their products in their official website but ironically, what's the point of verification on a fabricated website located in China ?

Here are just a few examples of some of these companies from China and there are far more out there.


Mimo Lens (website put a Korea address.  Nevertheless, it's in China indeed)




Miss Eye


Coco Eye


Vivian Eye


Shining Lens